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Latest Updates


  • Added email address for Susie Martin on the home page
  • Removed redundant text referring to the SC as a contact to volunteer in th ILGenWeb 
  • Corrected links on the More Genealogy page


  • Updated email addresses on Home page
  • Added More Genealogy page to the menu 
  • Revamped Home page format


  • Removed Available Searches page
  • Added Search the Henry County Site search to the Home page


  • Removed Expert Genealogy search as content of this site has been sunbstantally changed and is no longer pertinent.    
  • Revised web site county links on main page


  • Updated existing email address for Jacquie Schattner in the Look Ups topic
  • Updated Lookups topic to include Birth Index prior to 1916 A through Z and researcher Jacquie Schattner.
  • Corrected link to Biographies topic in the Lookups topic.
  • Added explnation text to top of Biographies topic page.


  • Rearranged main page in website.
  • Changed Searches topic title to Available Searches.
  • Added Search ILGenWeb search feature to the Available Searches topic. 


  • Updated Copyright Information topic link and date.
  • Removed WorldGenWeb icon from main page
  • Updated email addresses for Susie Martin-Rott throughout the Henry website.
  • Revised text formatting and arrangement throghout website.   


  • The Henry County website has been changed over to new format. All content in the previous website has been added.