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George Nixon
Revolutionary War Soldier



According to a list of Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois published in 1917, there is one listing for Henry County:

George Nixon

Enlisted December 15, 1776, for three months, as Ensign with Capt. George Evans, and Col. Thomas Duff in the Delaware troops. He re-enlisted for six weeks in the same company, and was chosen Lieutenant October 15, 1777, serving from October 15, 1777, until July, 1778, under Capt. David McKee, and Col. Thomas Duff.

He was in the battles of Princeton and Brandywine. He removed to Ohio, and from there to Rock Island county, Illinois, August 15, 1841. His grandson is still living (as of 1917) and remembers his grandfather well. He is buried about twenty miles east of Rock Island, in the Green River district. He was pensioned.