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Genealogy Related Links



Assorted Cemetery listings by Country, State, County, plus information on funeral homes and a lot more.


Birthdate Calculator
Will calculate date of birth based upon age and date at time of death. Very handy for "died age 27y, 3m, 13d" tombstone transcriptions.

Soundex Calculator


Charts for Reference in Genealogy Research
This site has charts defining genealogical terms, old time occupations, disease names and dates of assorted wars all in one place.

Land Survey on the Great Plains
Confused by Section, Township, Range, Baseline, Meridian, and all those other land survey terms? Try this site. Makes it all so SIMPLE!


Ancestors Free Charts and Forms
Forms including Pedigree Charts, Family Group Records, Research and Source Logs and more from the folks who bought you the PBS television series "Ancestors". These forms are in PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print them, but it is available for download from the same page.


Cyndi's Illinois Genealogy Links
Cyndi Howell has probably the most comprehensive list of genealogy links on the Internet, updated almost every day.

HOW TO....

Treasure Maps 'How To' Genealogy
Treasure Maps is one of the "hidden" genealogy sites on the net..it should be tops on your list of places to visit. This is not a surname list as such, but is a HOW TO site, with great instructional tutorials (many with beautiful color photos) focusing on the actual mechanics of genealogical research. Currently online is an extremely well done piece on making tombstone rubbings. Instructions for all tutorials here are simple and easy to follow. A must see site-bookmark it!!


Probably the best "GEDCOM" submittal site of all. This one has a little thing called "Smart Matching" which will compare your submittal to others and provide you with a list of matching individuals in a "side by side" comparison. The site also has message boards, the ability to "block" the living folks data as you upload, automatic listing of your submitted names with "GENDEX" and a lot more. Your gedcom is NOT for resale here, and is laid out nicely in website form.

World Connect Project
Another Rootsweb production...similar to GenCircles except without the "Smart Matching"...tons of submittals and no fret of them selling your data.

My Trees
Although some data on this site is "pay for view", it does offer various ways of gaining free access to that data so you can quickly check for your family.