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Journals of Henry County Residents

Charles Henry Cushman Farm Diaries 1895-1923

Charles Stackhouse Journal Extract

Gustav Graef's "Traveler's Book"

Genealogical Outlines of Henry County Families

Edwin Jonas Fahnstrom Family

Fahnstrom Family Genealogical Data

Fahnstrom Immigrations to the US

Metzner Family Genealogical Report

Van Auken Family Genealogical Data

Family Group Sheets

CANN, William and FERRY, Dora

DUNCAN, Thomas and LUDI, Elizabeth Bolles

DYAL, Amos and HARVEY, Hariette

DYAL, Amos and MCFARLAND, Isabelle Jane

DYAL, Amos and SHOWALTER, Mary

DYAL, Amos and TALBOT, Marietta E.

FLOYD, William and ORR, Daisy

HIER, Herman Garrett and ELTING, Mary Adailaide

HUSHMAN, Jonathan Theodore and WEAVER, Dorinda Elizabeth

JACKSON, James and STEWARD, Susan Ann

JAQUET, Frederick and SAND, Mary Anna

LAMB, William and WHITEHOUSE, Rosannah

MARTIN, Thomas and WOODWARD, Alice Mae

MARTIN, William and TUCKER, Martha L.

McLEESE, Henry Wilson and DYAL, Ida Elizabeth

MORTENSON, Nels and NELSON, Christine

MORTENSON, Peter and NELSON, Catherine

O'BRIEN, David and FALLOON, Julia Anna

RATHBONE, Ebenezer and HALL, Martha

SCHUMAKER, John Henry and GRAMMER, Anna Catherine

SCOTT, William Henry and ROBINSON, Priscilla

WHITEHOUSE, John Wilhelm and ROBINSON, Rosannah

WOODWARD, Richard and LAMB, Eliza

Websites of Henry Co Researchers

Descendants of John Allison Allison, Patterson
My Brickwalls Price, Dezella, Williams, Decker, Bates
Boswell, Frazer, Lyons, Heavener, Dye and Watts
Anderson/Johnson Family Tree Anderson, Johnson and MANY more
Roger Anderson is an active tracker of Bishop Hill history
Family of Merle & Julie Saunders Saunders, Graham and more
James J. Mack Family Home Page Dimpartis/Dimford in Kewanee and other Lithuanian lines
Murcia Family Home Page Edwards family of Kewanee
Royal Mills Family Home Page Morse family of Kewanee and Cambridge
Charles Lundquist Family Home Page Bjorkgren-Burkgren, Lindquist, Danielson, and Lindblad
residents of Andover IL
Shumacker & Hier Familes of Henry Co searchable World Connect Database
Wiley Descendants searchable World Connect Database
Descendants of James & Silvia Tucker includes Martin & Tucker and related families of Kewanee
searchable Gencircles Database
Jacquie Proctor's Genealogy Liggett, Phelps, Gladwich, Leibee