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Census Index

The following census related items are available online.

Census Information for Henry County IL

Submitted by Susie Martin-Rott

Who held Illinois at what time? To best use Federal Census information, it is helpful to know where Illinois was enumerated over the years. Here's a little chart to assist you.

Year Who Controlled Illinois
1680-1763 Settled by France
1763-1783 Great Britian
1783-1786 Connecticut, Massachusetts and Virginia
13 Jul 1787 Northwest Territory
04 Jul 1800 Indiana Territory
01 Mar 1809 Illinois Territory
03 Dec 1818 State of Illinois

State Census Information

1810-1860 Indexes The only complete State censuses during this time period are for 1820 and 1855. Lists only head of household and head count of total number of family members. Does NOT list individual family member names except that of the head of household. Uses the same format as pre-1850 Federal Census records.
1810 Randolph County
1820 Edwards County missing
1825 Edwards, Fulton and Randolph Counties
1830 Morgan County
1835 Fayette, Fulton, Jasper, Morgan, Putnam and Union Counties
1840 Adams, Bond, Brown, Calhoun, Champaign, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Coles, Cook, Crawford, Edgar, Effingham, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson, Jasper, Jo Daviess, Johnson, Knox, LaSalle, Lawrence, Livingston, Monroe, Randolph, Rock Island, Schuyler, Stark, Tazewell, Union, Vermillion, White and Whiteside Counties.
1845 Cass, Madison, Montgomery, Putnam and Tazewell Counties
1855 Schedules are missing for Carroll, Champaign, Franklin, Gallatin, Henry, Jefferson, Lake, Stark, Will and Woodford Counties
1865 Schedules are missing for Gallatin, Mason and Monroe Counties. The Henry County filming, at least the one I rented, shows that many pages were heavily damaged prior to filming. Many of the pages are so badly damaged that only a few names at the bottom of each page are legible.

Federal Census Information

Compiled every 10 years on the even year for Illinois beginning 1820. Information included on the Federal Census varied from decade to decade.

1820-1880: All Illinois Counties existing during those years are available

1890: only existing schedule is for Mound Township of McDonough County. All other IL presumed destroyed by fire in 1921.

1900, 1910 1920 1930: Illinois County Census all available

Full name of the head of the household, number and age of free white males and females residing in the household (not their names), and the number and sex of slaves or free colored persons. Also shows the occupation of the head of household as well as categories indictating deaf, dumb, blind, insane aliens and illiterate persons over the age of 20.
Names, ages, sex, color and birthplace of all household residents, the occupation of males over 15 years of age, value of real estate owned, designation of deaf, dumb, blind or insane persons, convicts, notation of those who married or attended school during the year, and illiterates over the age of 20.
1870 All of the above information plus shows if parents are of foreign birth, immigrants who where naturalized as US Citizens and if they were eligible to vote.
1880 All of the above, plus the address of the household, illness or disability on the day the census was taken, number of months employed as of the day of the census count, and the birthplace of the mother and father of each individual (Country or state only). Also includes the relationship of household residents to the head of household.
1890 A more specific census was conducted but almost all records for 1890 were reportedly destroyed by fire in 1921. No known copies of the 1890 Henry County schedules exist.
1900 Name of each person in the household, relationship to Head of Household, color or race, place of birth of each individual and their parents (country or state only), month and year of birth, age, marital status, number of years the wife had been married, total number of children born and the number of children still living, citizenship, occupation, number of illiterate persons in the household, whether the property was owned or rented by the residents, and whether the property was owned free and clear or was under mortgage.
1910 00000Same information as 1900 plus year of immigration and if an immigrant, the language spoken, number of weeks employed since 1909, whether the home was a house or a farm, whether a veteran of Union or Confederate army, or Navy.
1920 Same information as 1910 except did not ask about unemployment, service in the Union or Confederate army or navy, number of children born and how long a couple had been married. This census included inmates of institutions and dependent, defective, and delinquent classes. New items included the year of naturalization and three questions to immigrants about mother tongue. Due to boundary changes as a result of World War I, province (state or region) or city of persons or parents of persons born in Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, or Turkey were indicated. All other foreign births list only country. Race determination was based on the enumerator's impressions. Individuals were enumerated as residents of the place they regularly slept, not where they worked or were visiting. People with no regular residence, such as members of transient railroad or construction camps, were enumerated as residents where they were the day the was taken. Residents were asked if family members were temporarily absent and these were listed either with the household or on the last schedule for the census subdivision.
1930 The 1930 census became available on April 1, 2002 at the National Archives Building, 700 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20408-0001, and at Regional Facilities in 13 major cities. Information which will be available on this release include Street, avenue, road, etc., House number (in cities or towns), number of dwelling house in order of visitation, Number of family in order of vistation, name of each person whose place of abode on April 1, 1930, was in this family, relationship of this person to the head of the family, Home owned or rented, value of home if owned or rent amout if rented, whether the family owned a radio, if the family lived on a farm, the sex, color or race (race specific to Mexican, Chinese, etc), age at last birthday, Marital status, age at first marriage, whether could read/write and if attended school or college since Sep 1, 1929; place of birth of person and parents, native language of foreign born; language spoken in home before arriving in US, year of immigration and if naturalized citizen, whether person spoke english, occupation and type of business, class of worker, whether person had worked the day before the census was taken or if on unemployment, veteran status and of which war, and the number of the household on the farm schedule (the farm schedules however no longer exist)


Other Census Related Data


Federal Mortality Schedules 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 Mortality Schedules are available for Henry County. These records show listings of deaths which occurred during the one year period immediately before the census enumeration. The 1850 Henry Co Mortality Schedule is online
Indexes Indexes for various years and areas have been compiled by individuals, publishers and societies. Check library resources for your area of interest.
Soundex Indexes
1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 only
The Soundex is an index based on the phonetic makeup of a Surname. Surnames that sound the same, but are spelled differently, like SMITH and SMYTH, have the same code and are filed together. Surname, given name, age, sex, race, enumeration district, city, county and state of residence, others in household, including the relationship, page and line number in the original census record were taken from the census and placed on a card, then "coded" according to the phonetic makeup of the surname. To locate the soundex code for the name you are interested in you may use the National Archives "Soundex Machine" at http://www.nara.gov/genealogy/soundex/soundex.html 

1880 is missing 1000 "O" cards and did not list children under age 10

1890 was not indexed due to fire

1910 only 21 states were done (Illinois is one of them) on a soundex/miracode system.

1920 not all completed (Illinois was done)