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Cemetery List by Township

This list was compiled from GNIS Government location maps and Henry County Genealogical Society publications. Town names next to to the GNIS map coordinates are the names of the large maps they appear on and not necessarily the town the cemetery is located in.

Lookup volunteers are available for some publications. Please see the lookups topic page and follow the instructions there to request help. Limit your lookup request to one or two listings and be sure to list cemetery name and county in your request, as some people do lookups for more than one area.

Please purchase any book in which you think you will need more than one or two persons looked up. The Henry County Genealogical Society relies on the sales of these books in order to be able to produce more books. HCGS is very good about allowing us to do lookups from their books, but they do need to sell the books to survive and our volunteers really can't do all your research for you.

At the end of this list are notes we have received about burial sites we either cannot name or locate. Take a look at them and see if you recognize any of those as well.

Cemetery Township GPS GPS Nearest Town/Location
Alba Township
Goble Cemetery Alba 12936N 895331W Annawan
Maple Grove Cemetery  Alba 412749N 0895448W Annawan
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery Alba 412616N 0895632W Sacred Heart, 305 W South Ave, Annawan, IL 61234
Andover Township
Andover Twp Cemetery Andover 411713N 0901743W West side of the Village of Andover
Lutheran (old) Andover   NW 17  
Lutheran (new) Andover   N SW 17  
Methodist (old) Andover   NW 17  
Methodist (new) Andover   N SW 17  
Presbyterian Cemetery Andover 411736N 0901654W East side of Andover on Hwy 81
Private Burials Andover   SW NW 32  
Rosedale Cemetery Andover 411707N 0901215W  
Annawan Township
Annawan Cemetery Annawan   S NW 10  
Fairview Cemetery Annawan      
Atkinson Township
Spring Creek Cemetery Atkinson   NE SW 17  
Private Burials Atkinson NE SE 18    
Burns Township
Cosner Cemetery Burns 411744N 0900026W German Corner
Mount Zion Burns 411920N 0900146W German Corner
Saint Johns Catholic Burns 411049N 0900120W St John's: 212 NE 1st Street, Galva, IL 61434
Cambridge Township
Mascall Cemetery Cambridge   NW NW 3  
McNay Cemetery Cambridge 411635N  0901103W  NW NW 20
Talbot Cemetery Cambridge 411737N 0900917W NW NE 16
Private Burials Cambridge   SW NW 14  
Clover Township
Clover Chapel Cemetery Clover   S SE 9 Mailing address: Box 486 Woodhull, IL 61490
Woodhull Cemetery Clover 411100N 0901912W NW SW 19 Woodhull
Private Burials Clover     SE NE 10, SW NW 9, SE NE 16, NW SW 15
Colona Township
Colona Cemetery  Colona 412915N 0902056W Green Rock
Dayton Cemetery  Colona 412915N 0901911W Green Rock
Glennwood Cemetery Colona 412711N 0902414W Coal Valley
Cornwall Township
Grandview Cemetery Cornwall 412435N 0900402W NW NW 5
Liberty Cemetery Cornwall 412044N 0900255W  German Corner SW NW 28
St. Anthony's Cemetery Cornwall 412344N  0900111W  NW NE 10
Edford Township
Edford Cemetery Edford 412637N 0901500W  
St John's Cemetery Edford   SE SE 28  
Galva Township
Galva Cemetery Galva     1/2 mile South of Galva on Highways 17 and 180. Half of section 2 (nearest route 17) and half of section 1 are in Henry County; rest of the cemetery is in Lynn twp in Knox County.
Geneseo Township
Mizpah Cemetery Geneseo 412835N 0900559W SE NW12  
North Cemetery  Geneseo 412747N 0900934W  
Oakwood Cemetery  Geneseo 412607N 0900900W Near Intersection of Hwy 86 (S Oakwood Ave) & US Hwy 6 in Geneseo
Mailing address: 119 S. State Street, Geneseo, IL 61254
Hanna Township
Colbert Cemetery 
also found as Coebert
Hanna 413121N  0901258W SE NW 25?
Hanna Cemetery Hanna   SW SW 32  
Reese Cemetery Hanna   SE SE 27?  
Kewanee Township
Garden of Peace
(Church of Peace)
Kewanee 411644N 0895319W SE SE 15
St. Michael's (Brandenburg) Kewanee 411644N 0895300W  SE SW15
Mount Olivet (old and new) Kewanee 411430N 0895415W Near the Armory off East Street on 1st Ave, east of Pleasant View Cemetery
Old Kewanee Public Cemetery Kewanee     E. First St. and East St. south-west corner
Pace Cemetery Kewanee NE NE 7  
Private Burials Kewanee SW NW 17  
Russian Orthodox Cemetery Kewanee 411522N 0895408W Northeast side of Kewanee on Highway 34
Pleasant View Cemetery 
South Pleasant View
Kewanee 411435N 895429W Corner of Maple St and Pleasant View Dr., Kewanee.
St. Mary's Cemetery Kewanee Sec. 34 near Old Kewanee City Cemetery
Lorraine Township
Bowman Cemetery
also found as Bollen
Loraine 413346N  0900426W  just off Hwy 92, SW NE 7
Kemmis Cemetery Loraine 413303N 0900114W NW NE 15
Loraine Cemetery Loraine 413421N 0900245W SE NE 10
Lynn Township
Lynn Center Lynn   SE NE 10  
Grace Lutheran Cemetery Lynn   NE NE 13 About a half mile east off State Route 150. Cemetery is on south side of road, just before you enter the village of Ophiem.
Brian Tingley walked, videotaped and documented this cemetery in April of 1998 and has donated his listing for our online use. THANKS BRIAN!!!!
Swedona Cemetery Lynn NW NW 19  
Munson Township
Greenlee Cemetery Munson 411952N 0900621W NW SW 36
From Cambridge, go east on Ill. Rt. 81 for 4 miles. Turn north on a county road for about 2.5 miles. The preserve of 1.2 acres is on the east side of the road owned by Munson Township-listed as a Nature Preserve in the Directory of Illinois Nature Preserves, Vol. 2, IL Dept of Natural Resources
Hillcrest Home Cemetery Munson   NW NW 21  
Pleasant Hill Munson   SW SW 29 Lynn
Osco Township
Grace Episcopal Osco   NW NE 26  
Morristown Osco 412346N 0901746W NW NW 8
Oxford Township
Alpha Cemetery  Oxford 411221N 0902243W Mailing address:
Alpha Cemetery, Box 46, Alpha, IL 61413
Oxford Cemetery  Oxford 411047N  0902557W  
Saint Johns (Catholic) Cemetery Oxford 410957N 0902113W Woodhull
Mailing addresses:
212 NE 1st Street, Galva, IL 61434
P.O. Box 390, Woodhull, IL 61490
Summit Level Cemetery  Oxford 411050N 0902106W Woodhull
Phenix Township
Ebenezer Cemetery Phenix     SE NW 21
McHenry Cemetery Phenix 413223N 0900740W NE NE 22 
Pink Prairie Cemetery Phenix 413113N 0900702W  SE NW 26
Weller Township
Bishop Hill Weller 411208N 0900650W Galva
Red Oak Cemetery Weller 411311N 0901159W Nekoma
Mailing address: 205 S. West Street, Cambridge, IL 61238
Cholera Burial Weller   NE NW 16  
Piatt Cemetery Weller 411320N 0901113W NW NW 8: Northwest of Bishop Hill about 1/2 way between Hwy 17 and Hwy 81 on Hwy 82 due south of Cambridge
Sprouse Burials Weller   SW Corner of Twp Exact location not known
Western Township
Cholera Stone Western     NW NE 36
Lutheran Cemetery
aka Orion Lutheran Cemetery
Western 412126N 0902201W NW SE 22
Western Township Cemetery Western 412217N 0902349W Orion, SE SE 17
Wethersfield Township
Cavanagh Cemetery Wethersfield 411041N 0895421W Kewanee South
Saxon Community Cemetery Wethersfield 410913N 0895314W Kewanee South
Mailing address: 423 E. Division St, Kewanee, IL 61443
Evergreen Memorial Park Wethersfield 411111N 0895536W Kewanee South
Mailing address: 118 W. 2nd St, Kewanee, IL 61443
Wethersfield Wethersfield 411340N 0895602W  Kewanee South
Yorktown Township
Hooppole (aka Zion) Yorktown   NE NE 28  
Goemble Grave Yorktown   NE SE 30  
Private Burial Yorktown   SW SE 1  
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery Yorktown 413129N 0895639W  Hooppole
Mailing address: 406 W. Central Blvd, Kewanee, IL 61443

Notes Regarding Henry County Cemeteries

Notes received from others regarding cemetery locations in Henry County: If you have any information, please contact me. Thanks!

"There is a Cemetery on top of the ridge in Hanna Twp. Mostly Edwards, and Agues burials"

"I have been told they are buried in Evington Cemetery near Geneseo. Does anyone know if this cemetery still exists?"
Response: You might want to try Edgington in Rock Island County.