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1880 List of Residents at the Infirmary

(Almshouse or Poor House)

Transcribed by Susie Martin-Rott

The following listing of residents at the Henry County Infirmary as of June, 1880, was extracted directly from the 1880 Federal Census of Henry County.

Wilkinson, Lyman J. W M 46 head M Warden   PA RI RI
Wilkinson, Emerline W F 44 wife M Matron   NH NH NH
Wilkinson, Willis L. W M 18 son   at home   IL PA NH
Wilkinson, Birt H. W M 12 son   at home   IL PA NH
Fenley, Anna V. W F 18 servant   housework   PA Ireland Ireland
Enderton, Clara J. W F 18 servant   housework   IL PA OH
Farrell, Nelly W F 15     housework   IL Ireland Ireland
Farrell, Celia W F 14     housework   IL Ireland Ireland
Secoy, Frank L. W M 21     works on farm   NY NY NY
Bassett, William W M 34 Pauper     Epilepsy IL IL IL
Flint, Robert W M 62 Pauper D Painter Palsy NY NY NY
Beede, Annie W F 16 Pauper     Epilepsy IL Canada NY
Bedee, Benjamin W M 19 Pauper       IL    
Bedee, William W M 14 Pauper       IL    
Bedee, Lillie W F 8 Pauper       IL    
Mathews, Effa W F 21 Pauper       IL    
Newton, Alix W M 28 Pauper       IL    
Stilwell, Walter W M 47 Pauper       NY NY NY
Vannoy, Isaac W M 68 Pauper       OH    
Balkeres (?), Emma W F 22 Pauper       IL    
Hocklethorn, Daniel W M 55 Pauper       MD    
Hocklethorn, Sarah W F 45 Pauper       MD    
Hocklethorn, Catherine W F 77 Pauper W     PA    
Williams, Joshua W M 44 Pauper       PA    
Root, Lucretia W F 67 Pauper M     PA    
Root, Oliver W M 87 Pauper M     VT PA PA
Casteel, James W M 76 Pauper W   Blind PA PA PA
Alexander, Alice W F 23 Pauper       OH OH OH
Alexander, Lillie W F 21 Pauper       OH OH OH
Alexander, James W M 18 Pauper       IL OH OH
Beardsley, Josephine W F 33 Pauper     Epilepsy IL IL IL
Kittering, Lucy W F 15 Pauper       IL IL IL
Sherman, Morris W M 65 Pauper       France France France
Workman, John W M 49 Pauper       England England England
Lansdale, William W M 75 Pauper W   Neuralgia England England England
Nutting, Mary W F 35 Pauper       Belgium Belgium Belgium
Nutting, Fred W M 3/12m Pauper       IL Belgium Belgium
Fisher, Catherine W F 45 Pauper W     Ireland Ireland Ireland
Connary, Patrick W M 60 Pauper       Ireland Ireland Ireland
Wise, William W M 77 Pauper     Rheumatism Ireland Ireland Ireland
Ruttinger, William W M 39 Pauper       Germany Germany Germany
Cogles, John H. W M 85 Pauper W   blind and salt (?) Rheumetism Germany Germany Germany
Knapper, Dora W F 56 Pauper       Germany Germany Germany
Pulver, John W M 43 Pauper     Sun Stroke Prussia Prussia Prussia
North, Eustana W F 46 Pauper M   notation illegible Germany Germany Germany
Lieberknaht (?), John W M 36 Pauper       Germany Germany Germany
Olson, Alfred W M 31 Pauper     Pluricy IL IL IL
Hart, Annie M W F 58 Partly self supported W   Dropsey of the limb (?) Sweden Sweden Sweden
Burgland, Alfred W M 40 Pauper     Epilepsy Sweden Sweden Sweden
Larson, Christina W F 46 Pauper W     Sweden Sweden Sweden
Anderson, Dockrest (?) W M 56 Pauper       Sweden Sweden Sweden
Johnson, Louisa W F 34 Pauper W     Sweden Sweden Sweden
Johnson, Louis W M 3/12m (Feb) Pauper       IL Sweden Sweden
Johnson, Mary W F (says male) 3/12m (Feb) Pauper       IL Sweden Sweden
Grass, Elizabeth W F 40 Pauper       IL not known not known