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1850 Mortality Schedule

Submitted by Susie Martin-Rott

The 1850 Mortality Schedule for Henry County Illinois was enumerated by C. W. Davenport and is available on microfilm through many public libraries and LDS Family History Centers.

Due to bad record keeping and a large number of deaths in the Bishop Hill Colony from a cholera epidemic, C.W. Davenport wrote notes (included here) indicating that the count is incomplete and inaccurate.

However, enough fatalities were listed to warrant the transcription of this index. If I have made errors in these names, please let me know. In addition to viewing the microfilm, I also compared my transcription to another and found only minor differences.

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  • McGrath, Hawley 9/12 m VA July Consumption
  • Terry, Samuel 54 m NY Aug Farmer Cholera
  • Stackhouse, Catherine 1/12 f IL Apr Erysipelas
  • Norring, Betsey 5 f PA Sep Infl. Bowels
  • Norring, Adelaide 3 f PA Sep Cholera
  • Dear, Andrew J. 1/12 m IL Aug Dysentery
  • Williams, Mariah 1 f IL Sep Dysentery
  • Williams, Ansel 5/12 m IL Sep Dysentery
  • Nevill, Patrick 42 m Ireland Apr Farmer Consumption
  • Carson, Elisabeth 49 f PA Mar Liver
  • Willard, Harriet 18 f OH Mar Consumption
  • Page, Mary A. 41 f MA Mar Consumption
  • Backus, Lorenzo 1/12 m IL Jan Erysipelus
  • Caulkins, Benjn. 1/12 m K Nov
  • Barton, Julia 3/12 f IL Jul Croup
  • Mock, Elisabeth 39 f OH Consumption
  • Johnson, Eugene 8/12 m WI Jan Cholera Infant
Remarks: In the colony of Bishop Hill 116 Persons died of cholera during the months of Augt. and September. In the Colony of Bishop Hill 14 Persons died of other diseases during the year. And making a total of 130 deaths at Bishop Hill. Total No. in the County 182 for the year ending 1st June 1850. I was obliged as I cold not obtain correct data of the names & ages of those who died in Bishop Hill to merely give the whole no. as I obtained them from some of the leaders of the colony. Sworn statement of Charles W. Davenport, Assist. Marshall, Dec, 1850.
  • Jansen, Lars 11 m Sweden Aug Cholera
  • (no surname), Eliza 30 f Sweden Aug Cholera
  • (no surname), Andrus 7 m Sweden Aug Cholera
  • Nelson, Neil 35 m Aug Laborer Cholera
  • Nelson, Margaret 30 f Aug Cholera
  • Hurtig, Hans 57 m Aug Cholera
  • , Lena /12 f Aug Cholera
  • Cook, Albert 7 m Michigan Aug
  • Porter, Elisabeth 50 f VA Feb
  • Otiss, Leman 3/12 m IL Jan Brain Fever
  • Miller, Martin 1 m TN Aug Flux
  • Duncan, Edwin 1/12 m IL Jul Darrheoa
  • Ogden, James 16 m VA Apr Congest. Chill
  • Glenn, Sarah 65 f VA Apr
  • Marshall, Israel 3/12 m IL Aug Congest. Chill
  • Hill, Erastus 1 m IL Aug Congest. Chill
  • Bootree, Geo. 45 m Germany Mar Farmer Liver
  • Davenport, T. William 8/12 m IL Sep Inf. Brain
  • Jennings, Augusta 7/12 f IL May Croup
  • Agussason, Agusta 34 f Sweden Aug Farmer Cholera
  • Ericson, Andrew P. 25 m Sweden Aug Farmer Fever
  • Noden, Katherine 33 f Sweden Sep Cholera
  • Noden, Peter 1 m Sweden Aug Cholera
  • Alifson, Enoch 45 m Norway Aug Farmer Cholera
  • Enockson, Alif 12 m Miss Aug Cholera
  • Samuelson, Anna 41 f Sweden Oct Ship Fever
  • Johnson, Andrew 38 m Sweden Aug Farmer Cholera
  • Johnson, Anna 54 f Sweden Aug Cholera
  • Johnson?, Anna 11 f Sweden Aug Cholera
  • Nelson, Oliver 28 m Maryland Aug Cholera
  • Nelson, Ellen 6 f IL Aug Cholera
  • Peterson, Andrus 50 m Sweden Aug Ship Fever
  • Bascom, Cyrus 30 m NY Sep Cholera
  • Swanson, Mary 50 f Sweden Aug Ship Fever
  • Ledley, William 21 m Ohio Oct Ship Fever