Stronghurst Cemetery


It has been a while since I have been there, but if I remember correctly, this cemetery in right in downtown Stronghurst.It was quite a lot larger than I had anticipated it being.

I only have a few pictures of markers in this cemetery, as I was only taking pictures that day of potential family members. It was hot. I hope to add more pictures later.

Also, as I have time, I intend to place small or thumbnail pictures on the page for faster loading. When that happens, clicking on the thumbnail should take you to a larger version of the picture.

Map of Stronghurst Cemetery

I am sorry, but I don't have this cemetery map as yet. I will be adding it soon. Also please note that I don't have many pictures of this cemetery as yet, but wanted to add the ones that I did have.

You can click on the plus or minus sign on the map to zoom in or out. You can click on the arrows to move either north, south, east or west. You can click on the map and hold your button down to actually "pull" the map from side to side or up and down.

Harvey Family Stone

This is the front of the Harvey family stone.

Grave Marker for the Harvey Family

Helen Harvey

Helen L. Harvey Daughter 1917-1917

Grave Marker for Helen Harvey

Linda Lou Harvey

Linda Lou Daughter of C. A. and G. L. Harvey 1942-1948

Grave Marker for Linda Lou Harvey

Nora Pearl Harvey

Mother Nora Pearl 1887-1946

Grave Marker for Nora Harvey

Robert Harvey

Father Robert Clifford 1883-1945

Grave Marker for Robert Harvey

Ross Harvey

Ross Harvey PVT US Army World War I 1889-1934

Grave Marker for Ross Harvey

Roland, Mary and Lawrence Harvey

Father Roland K. Nov. 8, 1898-Nov. 23, 1963

Mother Mary K. July 29, 1901-Dec. 22, 1972

Son Lawrence C. March 16, 1923-Oct. 16, 1923

Grave Marker for Roland, Mary and Lawrence Harvey

Ira and Jennie Kemmitt

Ira F.Kemmitt May 27, 1872-Nov. 7, 1962

Jennie L. Kemmitt Aug. 20, 1877-Nov. 21, 1949

Grave Marker for Ira and Jennie Kimmitt

Ray F. Kemmitt

Ray F. Kemmitt Son 1902-1983

Grave Marker for Roy Kimmitt

Roy R. Kimmitt

Roy R. Kimmitt Son 1913-1992

Grave Marker for Roy Kimmitt

Everett LeRoy Long


Everett LeRoy Long

Grave Marker for Everett Long

Nellie Long

Nellie Long 1883-1963

Grave Marker for Nellie Long

William J. Long

Wm J. Long 1874-1944

Grave Marker for William Long