Joseph N. Still

From the Portrait and biographical record of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson counties, Illinois : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county (1894)
May, 1894. Lake City Publishing Co.

JOSEPH N. STILL, a highly respected citizen of Media, who is now in the employ of the Santa Fe Railroad Company, claims Virginia as the State of his nativity. He was born August 8, 1840, and is of Welsh descent. His father, John Still, was a native of Wales, and in an early day went to Ohio. For some time he lived in the South, and by his well-directed efforts became quite wealthy. He there owned a fine woolen-mill, but at the time of the Stoneman raid it was destroyed by fire, and the incendiaries held him, forcing him to watch its destruction by the flames which they had kindled. Thus he lost all his property.

About 1864, Joseph N. Still went to Ohio, and the following year came to Henderson County, Ill., where he began work as a farm hand by the month. For seventeen years he remained with one man, a trusted and faithful employee. On the 4th of June, 1872, he was united in marriage with Miss Rosalie M. Stanley, daughter of A. E. and Hannah Stanley. Her parents were both natives of North Carolina. The father was born July 1, 1827, and about 1866 came to Henderson County, Ill. He now makes his home in Media. In the Stanley family were five children, four of whom are still living, the eldest being Mrs. Still, who was born May 7, 1853. Mrs. Sarah O'Donnell is now living in Iowa. Mrs. Mary O. Milliken is also a resident of the Hawkeye State. Mrs Sarah C. Nicelv is now residing in Henderson County: and Susan A. died at the age of twenty years.

Three children grace the union of Mr. and Mrs. Still: Samuel A., burn September 15, 1873; Bertie V., June 8, 1875; and Myrtle A., April 22, 1879. All are yet with their parents. The mother and her daughters are members of the United Presbyterian Church, and the family is one of prominence in this community.

Mr. Still exercises his right of franchise in support of the Democratic party. He is a self-educated and self-made man, and his success in life is due to his own efforts. All who know him esteem him highly, and with pleasure we present his sketch to our readers.