George W. Noble

From the Portrait and biographical record of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson counties, Illinois : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county (1894)
May, 1894. Lake City Publishing Co. GEORGE W. NOBLE, who resides on section 14, township 12 north, range 4 west, is one of the honored pioneers of Henderson County. Few, if any, have longer resided in this county than he, for he dates his arrival from 1836. When he came to the West, the land was wild and uncultivated, much of it still being in possession of the Government. There were very few settlements, and many of the now thriving towns and villages were unmarked by even a single building. In the transformation which has placed Henderson County among the best in the State, he has borne his part, and well deserves mention. A native of Virginia, Mr. Noble was born in Chesterfield County on the 6th of May, 1815, and is of English descent. His parents were John and Mary (Walthall) Noble. Their family numbered seven children, but James, John, Thomas, Mark, Jefferson and Baker are all deceased. Our subject is now the only living representative of the family. He acquired his education in the Mrs. Falkner School of his native county, and during the days of vacation worked upon the home farm, thus receiving a good physical and mental training. On attaining his majority he left the State of his nativity and started westward for Illinois. He began the journey on the 12th of September, 1836, and after eleven weeks of travel across the country by team he reached Henderson County on the 27th of November. Since that time he has always made his home here. Wild game of all kinds was plentiful, including deer, which frequently roamed over the prairie. Mr. Noble began life in the West with a cash capital of only fifty cents, but he possessed a young man's bright hope of the future and a determination to succeed, and soon began work as a farm hand. In this way he made a start in life, and soon, as the result of his industry, perseverance and economy, he had accumulated enough capital to purchase eighty acres of land. After a time he sold that tract and purchased one hundred and sixty acres, in 1864. The following year he located thereon and has since made that farm his home. With characteristic energy he began its development, and in the course of time the richly cultivated fields yielded to him abundant harvests, and he thereby secured a good income. On the 13th of July, 1842, Mr. Noble and Miss Julia A. Morehead were united in marriage, the lady being a daughter of William A. and Lucretia ( Spires ) Morehead. Six children were born of their union: Mary L, now deceased; Cyrus O., of Holton, Kan.; James, who is living in Henderson County; George, who resides in Bridgeport, Cal.; Thomas, deceased; and Alice, who com- pletes the family. Mr. Noble cast his first Presidential vote for James K. Polk, and has since supported the men and measures of the Democracy. He has served as Supervisor, but has never been a politician in the sense of office-seeking. With the Baptist Church he holds membership, and, in harmony with his profession, his life has been an honorable and upright one. Although he has attained the age of seventy-nine years, he is still hale and hearty, and bids fair to live for some time to come. In the work of developing the county he has ever borne his part, and has aided in its progress and advancement. He has ever taken a commendable interest in the general welfare, and gives his support to all enterprises calculated to prove of public benefit.