Cumberland Cemetery

Cumberland Cemetery is a bit of the beaten path, so do check a map prior to leaving. It has been a while since I have been there, but I actually had to go through a farm gate and walk through a pasture to get back to the cemetery. Once I was in the cemetery though, it was clear that someone had been caring for it, as it was neatly mowed and trimmed. At the time that I took these photo's I was not involved with this web site, so I was taking them mainly in hopes of getting potential family markers. Because of that, I did not carefully record information on each of these graves. I will be going back down to gather information, but wanted to offer these in the meantime. Please note that not all the markers are present in my photo's and that you need to verify information in some other manner. As I get time I will be posting a thumbnail version of each picture so that the page will load faster. Once that happens, you can click on the thumbnail to get the larger version of the picture.

You can click on the plus or minus sign on the map to zoom in or out. You can click on the arrows to move either north, south, east or west. You can click on the map and hold your button down to actually "pull" the map from side to side or up and down. On this particular map, if you click the minus sign on the map, it will give you a better idea of where the cemetery is located.

Unknown Beebe

Grave Marker for Unknown Beebe

Unknown Beebe Born Sep 27 1804? Died Dec 1, 1880

John Biggs

Grave Marker for John Biggs

John Biggs 1802-1852

Born in Manchester England, he came to the United States at the age of 18 and worked in Philidelphia for ten years. He then moved to Oquawka Ill. and lived there until 1843, when he moved to this township and built a site on South Henderson Creek in 1844 and bought a flour mill. When the CB and Q Railroad was built in 1854, they named the town Biggsville in his honor.

Eva A. Borroughs

Grave Marker for Eva A. Borroughs

Eva A. Dau of Wm and C.S.? Borroughs Died Nov. 10, 1862 Aged 8 Ms 15 Ds.

John James Burrus

Grave Marker for John James Burrus

John James Burrus Died Dec. 25?, 1861, Aged 30 Yrs. 1 Ms. 8 Ds.

Samuel Burrus

Grave Marker for Samuel Burrus Sen

Samuel Burrus Sen. Died Feb. 21, 1869 Aged 59? Yrs. 8 Mos.

Father and Mother Darnell

Grave Marker for Father and Mother Darnell

Father and Mother Darnell

Phebe B. Darnell

Grave Marker for Phebe Darnell

Phebe B. Wife of Saml Darnell Died June 23, 1874 Aged 66 Yrs. 9 Ms. 14 Ds.

Samuel Darnell

Grave Marker for Samuel Darnell

Samuel Darnell Died July 7, 1886 Aged 61 Yrs. 6 Ms. 7 Ds.

Sarah A. Darnell

Grave Marker for Sarah Darnell

Sarah A. Dau of S and P.B. Darnell Died June 4, 1865 Aged 28 Yrs. 8 Ms.

Elizabeth E. Davis

Grave Marker for Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth E. Davis Born Jan. 30, 1811 Died April 11, 1887 Asleep, but not forgotten

James A. Davis

Grave Marker for James Davis

James A. Davis Born Jan. 24, 1842 Died March 19, 1861 James we miss thee at home.

James A. Davis

Grave Marker for James A. Davis

James A. Son of ? and E. E. Davis Died ? 10, 1867 Aged ?

Thomas R. Davis

Grave Marker for Thomas Davis

Thomas R. Davis Born Oct. 3, 1845 Died July 10, 1846

W. F. Davis

Grave Marker for W.F. Davis

W. F. Davis Died May 6, 1802


Grave Marker for Unknown Davis

Unknown Davis Son of J. B. and H. Davis Died Aug. 2?, 1862 Aged 5 Yrs. 10 Mos 5 Ds.

D. W. Downey

Grave Marker for D.W. Downey

D. W. Downey Died Feb. 9, 1862?

Odama Duvall

Grave Marker for Odama Duvall

Odama? Duvall Died Nov 1900? Aged 3 Y 6 M 26 D


Abel, Mary, John and Phebe Jackson

Grave Marker for Abel, Mary, John H. and Phebe Jackson

Abel Jackson 1803-1854

His wife Mary 1806-1886

John H. 1844-1911

Phebe G. or C. 1842-Uncarved


 Grave Marker for Alfbergus Jamison

Albecus? husband Caroline? Jamison Died Mar 2, 1832? Aged 32 Yrs ? Mos and 28 Ds..

Anna J. Jamison

Grave Marker for Anna Jamisonl

Anna J. Jamison Jan 21, 1855-Feb. 28, 1906

Aunt Sallie Jamison

Grave Marker for Aunt SallieJamison

Aunt Sallie Jamison Died March 23, 1878 Aged 85 Yrs. 6 Mos. 27 Ds. Asleep in Jesus

Joseph B. and Sarah Jamison

Grave Marker for Joseph and Sarah Jamisonl

Joseph B. Jamison Jan. 22, 1809-March 5, 1855

Sarah VanTuyl Jamison May 13, 1821-March 15, 1908

Louisa R. Jamison

Grave Marker for Louisa R. Jamison

Louisa R.Jamison 1826-1926

Michael and John Jamison

Grave Marker for Michael and John Jamisonl

Michael V. Jamison Jan 6, 1844-Oct. 17, 1845

John F. Jamison Nov. 5, 1846-Jan. 13, 1849

Sophia C. Jamison

Grave Marker for Sophia Jamisonl

Sophia C.Jamison Oct. 14, 1841-May 15, 1866

James Lawrence

Grave Marker for James Lawrence

James Lawrence Who departed this Gig June 30, 1851 Aged 68 Ys. 7 Ms.

George W. Nelson

Grave Marker for George Nelson

George W. Nelson Died Sept. ? 1860 Aged 24 Yrs. 10 Mos. and 10 Ds.

Unknown Nelson

Grave Marker for Child of Nelson

I can make out that this is a Nelson child, Maybe the child of H. Nelson, that Died March 3, 1852 Aged 16 Ds.

Unknown Nelson

Grave Marker for Unknown Nelson

This stone is illegible. I can make out that the name is Nelson, that is about all.

Unknown Male Nelson

Grave Marker for Unknown Nelson

?? Son of J.M. and M. J. Nelson Born May 26, 1856 Died Sept. 10, 1859 "/>

John Peterson

Grave Marker for John Peterson

John Peterson Died June 15, 1872 Aged 17 Y 5 M 1D

A. A. Peterson

Grave Marker for A. A. Peterson

A. A. Peterson Died July 2, 1833?

Alice Pursell

Grave Marker for Alice Pursell

Alice Dau of A and S. Pursell Died June 6, 1830 or 70 ? Aged 2 Yrs. 6 Mos. 5 Ds.

William Pursell

Grave Marker for William Pursell

William Son of A and E Pursell Died Oct. 16 1815 Aged ?

Abner Short

Grave Marker for Abner Short

Abner Short Born Oct. 25, 1808 Departed this life May 25, 1888 at rest

Rutha Jane Short

Grave Marker for Rutha Jane Short

Rutha Jane Wife of Isaac G. Short Died Nov. 15 1868 30 Yrs. 8 Mos. 4? Ds.


Unknown Short

Grave Marker for the Short Family

This is a Short Family stone with nothing else legible at the moment.

Ann, Isaac and John Thomas

Grave Marker for Ann Thomas

Ann M.Thomas Wife of I.N. March 22, 1832-Jan 22, 1889

Isaac N. Thomas Dec. 25, 1820-July 13, 1898

John O? or Q. Son of ? and A.M. Died ? 1867

I think that there may be other names here on this same stone, but I will need to go down to get an impression on them

John O. Unknown

Grave Marker for John Thomas


Grave Marker for Unknown

I am going to go ahead and add these stones, although they are illegible, in the hopes they may be of help to you and so that I don't loose them before I get back down to record the grave yard again.

This stone is illegible. I can make out that the death seemed to be in April and that they were aged 1 Y. 3 M. ? D


Grave Marker for Charity Unknown

This stone is illegible. I can make out the name Charity.


Grave Marker for Unknown

This stone is illegible. I can make out ?ar? le or Ie looks like daughter of and it also looks like 1866?


Grave Marker for Unknown

This stone is illegible. On the very edge of the top part of the stone it almost looks like it says Henry Dun or maybe a Duvall. I can clearly make out age of death as 62 Ys. 4 ms. 22 Ds


Grave Marker for Unknown

This stone is illegible.