Biggsville Cemetery

Biggsville Cemetery is right along a main road and is very easy to find. It is right outside the city of Biggsville. At the time that I took these photo's I was not working on this site, so the only ones I have right now are ones that I took because they were potential family members. As I get time, I will add more photo's. Also, as I get time, I will be loading small, thumbnail images to this page to speed loading. At that time, you will be able to click on the image and it should take you to the larger version.

Pictures of Biggsville Cemetery

This image was on the site for Henderson County when I took the site over. The following information was included with the picture:
George Smith and Mary Catherine Keener Kilgore
George Smith Kilgore was born 28 Jul 1855 in York Co., PA, the son of John C. and Elizabeth Alexander Kilgore. George died 17 Oct 1930 in Biggsville, Henderson Co., IL Mary Catherine Keener Kilgore was born 3 Nov 1858 in York Co., PA, the daughter of Martin and Susan Myers Keener. Mary died 20 Mar 1939 in Biggsville, Henderson Co., IL and both are buried in the Biggsville Cemetery in Biggsville. Submitted by: Gail Meyer Kilgore

Grave marker for George Kilgore and wife

John A. and Angeline Boyd

Angeline F. Wife of John A. Boyd Sept. 3, 1874-April 10, 1907

John A. Boyd Aug. 31, 1867-Dec. 22, 1914

Grave Marker for John and Angeline Boyd

John R. and Mary Boyd

John H. Boyd 1832-1881

Mary A. His Wife 1840-1914

Grave Marker for John and Mary Boyd

Floyd and Elizabeth Robbins

Elizabeth I. Sept. 21, 1900-Jan. 25, 1981

Floyd E. Sept. 25, 1898-Jan. 14, 1962

Grave Marker for Floyd and Elizabeth Robbins

Delbert and Emma Robbins

Delbert D. May 22, 1862-June 16, 1948

Emma Jan. 16, 1863-Jan. 17, 1933

Grave Marker for Delbert and Emma Robbins

Walter and Josephine Robbins

Walter D. Feb. 21, 1891-Sept. 5, 1971

Josephine P. July 5, 1898-Aug. 6, 1986

Married Dec. 29, 1915

Grave Marker for Walter and Josephine Robbins